Since 1992, the focus of our manufacturing activities has been on stainless steel and alloy steel casting. Over the past 16 years, we have developed extensive and as yet unparalleled expertise in casting specialized parts and components. Our production facilities are vertically integrated from engineering, pattern and dies making, casting, machining, fabrication to quality testing.

Our proven dedication to product quality and customer satisfaction has won the confidence of Indonesia’s major industries.

Our core processes

Beginning with Sand Casting almost two decades ago, our expertise now includes Investment Casting – processes by which we create products whose quality rivals imported goods at a fraction of the cost.


Our facilities

We own all necessary equipments and machineries to manufacture our products in-house, from small parts to sizeable components for heavy industries. We currently support up to 1 metric ton of single product casting. To date, we are a unique and incomparable specialized casting plant in Indonesia.

Our quality assurance

Every step of our work, from the second customers place an order until their acceptance of the finished product, is realized according to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Accountability and responsibility is at the heart of our daily operations.

Trieka Labs

With our partner testing laboratory, we extend our in-house quality assurance to our customers, where they can get ISO 17025 certified analysis for metals, oils, chemicals, waste water, RoHS, industrial wastes, and many other products.

Above all, Trieka Labs prioritizes short lead times for testing results, at lower prices than other commercial testing laboratories. Our goal is to support our industrial colleagues while expanding the scope of our services.