Investment Casting

Also known as precision and lost wax castings, the investment casting process produces precise dimensions and smooth casting surface. Investment casting is the acknowledged solution to producing complex cast parts. Reducing or eliminating the machining process is possible thanks to the near net shape achievable by this casting method.


Cast Weight : 0,1 – 300 Kg
Maximum Cast Size : Diameter Ø800 mm, Height 800 mm
Advantages : Smooth casting surface, Near net shape dimensions, Less machining needed, Complex & thin cast sections possible

Sand Casting

The proven sand casting process has been the basic production method since our start as a foundry. Fast lead time, large cast size, and the high maximum cast weight are the main advantages of this process. Our foundry uses phenolic resin, CO2, and green sand molds to achieve different casting results according to requirements.


Cast Weight : 0,5 – 800 Kg
Maximum Cast Size : Length 2500 mm, Width 1500 mm, Height 1200 mm
Advantages : Faster lead time, Large sized castings possible, Lower overhead costs


The heart of our manufacturing activities. Manned by experienced personnel with years of knowledge under their belt, all of our mold making, cast material treatment, and surface finish processes are tightly controlled to ensure quality and on-time delivery.


Induction Melting Furnace
– 125 Kva Panel : 100 & 100 Kg
– 150 Kva Panel : 100 & 100 Kg
– 350 Kva Panel : 200, 200, & 450 Kg
– 600 Kva Panel : 600 & 600 Kg
– 800 Kva Panel : 800 & 1000 Kg

Heat Treatment Furnace
– Gas Fired, 1100 °C
Size : 1500 x 1000 x 1000 mm
– Electric Induction, 1200 °C
Size : 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Shot Blasting Machine
– Hanger
– Rotary Table
– Tumblast
– Manual


Our in-house machining facilities serve your finished part requirements. Equipped with a wide range of machine size and type, all machining operation on your cast parts are done and controlled to ensure quality, reliability, and delivery time.


CNC Turning / Lathe
Turning Diameter : 1200mm
Turning Length : 1000mm
CNC Vertical Milling
X-Travel : 1600mm
Y-Travel : 800mm
Z-Travel : 800mm

4 Axis Milling Center
Work Diameter : 500mm
Work Height : 400mm
5 Axis Milling Center
Work Diameter : 720mm
Work Height : 450mm

Manual Turning / Lathe
Turning Diameter : 2500mm
Turning Length : 4000mm
Dynamic Balancing
Rotor Diameter : 3200mm
Rotor Length : 10000mm


Technology and skilled engineers are the key to high quality engineering. CAD/CAM, casting simulation, CMM, and laser scanning systems are employed to fulfil your requirements. Our range of testing facilities are utilized to assure quality delivery to our clients.


Engineering Software
2D CAD : ZWCad
3D CAD : Solidworks
CAM : SolidCAM
Casting : Z-Cast
Scanning : Geomagic Studio
CMM : Geomagic Qualify

Engineering, QA & QC Facilities
Metal Analyzer (Arc Spark OES)
PMI Analyzer (XRF)
Tensile Test
Hardness Test
Penetrant Test
Ultrasonic Test
Radiography Test
Dimensional Checking
Laser Scan Arm
7-Axis CMM